IFISSA 2022 | International Flight Inspection Symposium


The IFIS is primarily a communications mechanism that promotes a better understanding of the technologies and environmental issues that impact global flight inspection operations. 

IFIS also serves as a means to enhance the international credibility of the ICASC as the only truly representative body that coordinates and safeguards the interests of the global flight inspection community.

The IFIS satisfies the need for a credible international forum that highlights the interests of the international flight inspection community and promotes the free exchange of ideas relating to flight inspection in general. 

The IFIS provides a means for the orderly dissemination, retention and safekeeping of relevant flight inspection information that is made available during the biennial meetings. The IFIS also provides a forum for the exchange of highly specialized technical information dealing with aviation systems operations and their impact on flight safety. 

The discussions and presentations, concerning procedures, techniques, training, equipment etc., that focus on the calibration and maintenance the navigational signals and procedures, aim to promote a better understanding between the various industry stakeholders. 

The ICASC must therefore secure a viable cadre of volunteers who understand the purpose of the IFIS event and have the requisite knowledge, skills, leadership, resources and determination to host such a professional international seminar.

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